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Seamless and reliable SMS delivery API

Instantly send SMS messages such as transactional alerts, critical notifications, & promotional campaigns globally.

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Premade APIs built for your use-case


Authenticate and verify

Authenticate users, verify mobile numbers, and validate logins with SMS one-time-passwords. Add an extra layer of security for access control, compliance, and peace of mind.

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Transactional alerts

Rely on our business SMS service to send notifications for communications such as payment confirmation, appointment reminder, order tracking, event booking, schedule changes, and more.

Promotional campaigns

Engage customers with personalised offers, timely promotions, and special deals to maximize brand awareness, increase conversions, and boost customer loyalty while improving ROI.

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Set up, deploy, and manage SMS seamlessly

  • Single API Channels

Integration with mobile apps, online solutions, and business systems through a single API to support all A2P SMS needs.

  • Personalised dashboard

Access our web-based dashboard from desktop, laptop, or mobile to manage accounts, users, recipients, campaigns, and sender IDs.

  • Multi-language support

Increase customer trust and ensure brand consistency with our business SMS service and register official Sender ID with carriers.

  • Smart routing

Leverage optimal pathways for message routing based on traffic volumes, connection bandwidth, delivery costs, and more.

  • Delivery reports

Generate real-time reports, performance analytics, and gain insights about campaign reach & message deliverability with our SMS API.

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